CCJ Enforcement

CCJ Enforcement

So you have been awarded a Judgment by the Court yet payment still has not been forthcoming.

Now you are going to need to enforce payment.

There are 5 main CCJ Enforcement options available to you.

1. High Court Enforcement

For CCJ Debts over £600 and less than 6 years old, we can transfer these to the high court on your behalf and have them enforced by our High Court Enforcement Officers.

These are self-employed agents and this service has a quick turn around to obtain and enforce a high court writ. They can seize goods and chattels to help pay the sum owing to you.

For CCJ Debts under £600, a warrant of execution may be applied for. This enables the court to send out a Bailiff on your behalf to attempt collection of the debt.

Again, they are allowed to seize goods and items to be sold to pay the debt owed to you.

Items can include such things as vehicles or business/household goods and equipment.

CCJ Enforcement – Instruct Us Now

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2. Attachment of earnings

If you are dealing with an individual and you know them to be in employment, this is a valid option. A regular sum can be deducted from their wages to help clear the debt owing to you.

3. Charging Order

A Charging Order is a way of securing your debt against property that the debtor owns. An application is made to the court and upon being granted, a charge laid against the property with the Land Registry.

4. Bankruptcy / Winding-up Proceedings

Where the debt is over £750, you can utilise insolvency proceedings against an individual. Insolvency proceedings can be issued against a company but the debt value needs to be over £5,000

The pre-requisite to this is the serving of a statutory demand. This document is drafted, prepared and served on the debtor. It gives them 28 days to pay or face bankruptcy/liquidation.

5. Third-Party Debt Order

If you believe the debtor has the monies in their bank account and is deliberately withholding them, you can apply to the courts for a third party debt order.

This allows the creditor to take the money directly from the debtor’s bank account via the courts.

How Legal and Trade Can Help

Our Expert Team at Legal & Trade can assist with all of the above on a low fixed fee basis.

No hourly rates or fee-earning, just straight forward action to recover what you are owed.

CCJ Enforcement – Instruct Us Now

For more information on how we can help you or your business, speak to our friendly team today.

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