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Being owed money by someone in another country is a common occurrence. Both businesses and private individuals face this challenge. It is good for them to know who to turn to for all overseas debt recovery matters.

Legal and Trade provide a professional overseas debt recover service, recovering thousands of pounds worth of debt every week. A low fixed cost International Debt Recovery service that gets results. For International Business Debt or International personal debt, we can help.

We have a Worldwide network of verified international debt recovery agents. This enables us to recover debt from almost any country or continent in the world. A global presence is essential to maximise overseas debt recovery success.

We can help with International Debts in low value also. Starting from £500, we can offer a tailored cost effective option for you to collect overseas debts. Being owed money from somebody overseas is much less of a challenge when you work with Professionals.

Our Overseas Debt Recovery Benefits

There are many reasons why you may be owed money from overseas. You might be a business that has sold something only for the client to have vanished. Or, you may have loaned some money to a friend in another country.

Regardless of the case, our professional overseas debt recovery service can help you to recover your money. We have many years experience of recovering overseas debts.

Our team of expert collections officers will provide you with a completely free debt assessment. This will help you to understand your options. As well as this, our service is low-cost, fast, and effective.

Global Network of Agents

FREE Initial Debt Assessment

Low-Cost Solution

Professional Service

International Debt Recovery – Instruct Us Now

Speak to one of our international debt recovery experts now for a FREE assessment of your personal debt.

International Debt Collection Experts

No matter the circumstances, our international debt collection service can help you to recover money from overseas.

Many people perceive the prospect of collecting a debt from someone in another country to be an impossible challenge. Whilst there are complexities, Legal and Trade possess the expertise and experience necessary to provide a solution.

We have expert knowledge of the laws and regulations surrounding how every country deals with the subject of debt. This is a major factor in our success rate.

international debt recovery

Where We Collect International Debts From

Our International debt collection agents are able to collect debts from almost any jurisdiction across the planet.

Each one of these trusted Recovery Agents are the leading experts of the debt collection laws for their own respective nations.

Once an initial free debt appraisal has been performed, our team of international debt recovery agents can help begin the process to recover.

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • Oceania

International Debt Recovery – Instruct Us Now

Get advice from one of our international debt recovery experts now for a FREE assessment of your personal debt.

International Debt Recovery Frequently Asked Questions

I Have An Overseas Debt, But The Value Is Low – Can You Help Me?

Yes. No matter what the value of the debt, our advisors should be able to help you. The best thing to do is to contact us for a free debt assessment. This will give you a clear idea of where you stand, and the chances of recovering the amount.

How Much Does It Cost To Recover An International Debt?

There is no standard price for any debt, instead, each one must be taken on its own merits. A good way to think about this is the same way of asking a builder to quote for paving your driveway. There are many factors to consider and the price will be unique to you. The same is true of international debt collection. There are a lot of things to take into account, and no two debts are alike – hence they are not priced as such. The best way to get a price is to speak to our debt collection experts for a free, no-obligation quote.

How Long Does It Take To Recover An International Debt?

The recovery time for every debt we handle is unique. For international debts, extra consideration needs to be factored in for time zones. For example, during normal UK working hours, debtors in places like Australia may be unreachable (hence, our working hours are extended beyond the norm). Despite this, we take every necessary step to ensure that each case is resolved as swiftly and amicably as possible.

Do You Recover UK Based Debts Too?

Yes, in fact, we are one of the UK’s leaders in debt collection. Our professional and dynamic service helps both people and businesses recover thousands of pounds worth of owed debt every week. We are members of the UK Debt Collection Bureau.

Where Can You Recover Debts From?

With our trusted network of international debt collection agents, we are able to recover debt from virtually anywhere in the world. To find out if your international debt can be recovered, speak to us today. We will provide a 100% free debt assessment for you, giving you a clear idea of the prospects of recovering your debt.

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