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Professional Personal Debt Recovery Service – No Minimum Debt Value

Specialist Personal Debt Recovery Agency

Many people find themselves in the position of being owed money. Being owed a personal debt can come in all shapes and sizes.

Monies could be owed from a friend or family member who you have loaned money to. If you are self-employed, a customer may be avoiding making payment from you. Wherever the is a personal debt owed, we have the specialist knowledge to help you recover.

In any case, your top-priority should be to recover the debt. Legal & Trade provide a professional and dynamic personal debt recovery solution for both private individuals and small businesses.

Regardless of the reason and value of the debt, our experts can help to enforce and collect your money. Our low-cost solution removes the need to contact expensive solicitors, and provides great results.

Personal Debt Recovery – Who We Help

A personal debt recovery case can result for many different reasons. No matter what this is, our specialist solution can help.

A personal debt is most commonly experienced by private individuals. Those who are self-employed or working independently as a freelancer may also need this service too. As such, the scope for personal debt recovery is wide.

Private Individuals

Small Businesses



Personal Debt Recovery – Instruct Us Now

Speak to one of our debt recovery experts now for a FREE assessment of your personal debt.

Dynamic, Professional Personal Debt Collection

Having money owed to you can be a stressful and upsetting experience. Facing the prospect of collecting alone can also cause a lot of anxiety,

What’s more, many debt collection agencies may be unable to recover the debt for you, as it may not meet their ‘minimum debt level’ requirement.

Help is at hand, however, as Legal and Trade provide the UK’s leading low-cost personal debt recovery solution.

personal debt recovery

Personal Debt Collection Benefits

We understand that each one of our clients wants an effective service which will enforce a debt is as quickly as possible.

Our team of personal debt recovery experts delivers this, with less than 1% requiring any kind of legal or court action.

  • No minimum debt value
  • Fully professional service
  • Dynamic and proactive recovery of debt
  • Low-cost solution
  • Approved by the UK Debt Collection Bureau
  • FREE debt assessment
  • Each case handled by an expert
  • Specialist personal debt recovery service

Personal Debt Recovery – Instruct Us Now

Speak to one of our debt recovery experts now for a FREE assessment of your personal debt.

Personal Debt Recovery Frequently Asked Questions

I Have A Personal Debt, But The Value Is Low – Can You Help Me?

Yes! We provide the UK’s leading low-value personal debt recovery service. Our debt collection experts take each individual case on its own merits. We provide a free debt assessment, which gives you a clear idea of the debt’s viability as well as giving you answers right away. Simply speak to us today for more information!

How Much Does It Cost To Recover A Personal Debt?

This depends on several factors. Each case must be looked at on its own and quoted individually. In the case of personal debts, no two cases are alike, and as such, a flat-fee pricing structure simply does not work. To provide a proper quote, the best option is to speak to one of our debt collection experts. They will provide you with a free debt assessment, and provide you a no-obligation quote.

How Long Does It Take To Recover A Debt?

This very much depends on the unique circumstances of the debt in question. Having said that, our service provides a vastly quicker debt recovery solution than other methods such as hiring a solicitor or attempting to recover a debt independently. Whilst no concrete answer can be given without examining a debt, our service prides itself on quick, low-cost debt enforcement.

Do You Recover Business Debts Too?

Yes, we provide both personal and commercial debt recovery services. More information can be found through our website’s dedicated pages on each subject.

Where Can You Recover Debts From?

We can recover a debt owed to you from anywhere within the UK, or in 99% of international locations. As well as a UK based service, we also provide overseas debt recovery solutions too. Our team of trusted international debt recovery agents mean we can recover a debt from virtually anywhere in the world.

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Personal Debt Recovery

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